Monthly Archives: November 2013


White Ribbon Campaign in Manukau Square

Today is not only the 25th November, it’s also a very important day for women in our community. It’s white Ribbon Day which is actually a day started by men to bring attention to the […]

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White Ribbon Campaign in Manukau, New Zealand

The White Ribbon Campaign in New Zealand is a meld of the White Ribbon Day movement in Canada and the United Nations international day for Elimination of Violence Against Women, which is celebrated on 25 […]

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Lance Su’a and friends

What a very pleasant evening!  Lance Su’a on guitar, Miguel Fuentes on drums and vocals by Maggie Gould.  Quite a lovely sound and a real treat to be able to hear these talented musicians together. […]

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Kittens again :-(

The three kittens and mother cat remain in and around the compost heap. Looking at the kittens I can see that it won’t be long before we’re going to have to take them off to […]

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Compost heap kitten with a 50mm lens

You may recall me mentioning that the stray cat has returned to the compost heap to produce yet more kittens. This afternoon I tried to see where they were hiding. We’ll need to get them […]

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Lights … or HDR

A question I often ask myself when taking photographs of a property is whether to use lights, or HDR. The effects can, in some circumstances, be quite similar. However, time to setup and time to […]

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