Monthly Archives: February 2015



I recall hearing from the experts that this year the cicada numbers are quite low. Certainly that familiar cicada noise did seem absent for some time, but not now. We seem to have plenty of […]

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Snoots and filters

I’ve been working with my studio lights, reflectors and gobos to get a moody high contrast mood in some monochrome portrait shots. There’s a bit of work involved and truth be told I haven’t been […]

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Nice reward.

I’d been admiring a hibiscus plant over the past few months. I suppose really because its flowers were so much more delicate that the larger more substantial blooms I have in my garden.  A delicate pink […]

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Just a bit lucky

I’d been intrigued by the cactus blooms at the Botanic Gardens. Gorgeous flowers, but so short lived; many of the blooms just lasting a single day. Setting up the camera to try some photos of […]

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Up close!

Don’t seem to have been on here in months.  Thankfully I seem to have been kept busy with one thing and another.  To be honest, of late it’s been more of one thing than another […]

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