A bit of a difference!

I had the opportunity to shoot yet another GORGEOUS home out at Beachlands last night and thought I’d see how the camera on my drone compared with my usual dSLR when the light levels decreased. My usual dSLR is the Nikon D800 with which I must admit to being delighted. The D800 has a similar layout to the D300 I used previously, but the dynamic range is so much higher. The images with the D800 are significantly better than those I used to get with the D300 especially when the light levels decrease.

The Inspire 1 has a 12MP camera, the same number of pixels as my D300. However, the Inspire 1 has a much smaller sensor than the D300, but it’s more modern. I’d certainly not use my D300 instead of my D800 at dusk, but how does this Inspire 1 camera compare with the D800? Below are a couple of shots. One taken with a D800 on a tall tripod, the other from the air with the Inspire 1.

Photo with D800 and Nikkor 12-24mm f2.8

Photo from DJI Inspire 1

For small images the Inspire shot seems fine, but as soon as you start to enlarge the image you notice how grainy and noisy the image really is. Fixing noise just softens the entire image and it then loses the crispness that the D800 provides. Nevertheless, the images from the Inspire seem fine during the day. I’ll be intrigued to see how video looks … but you’ll have to wait a few days until I post one of those.

Oh, the house? Believe me it’s stunning. If you’re looking to buy this gorgeous home, or one like it, then give Brianne at Ray White Lighthouse in Beachlands a call on 09 536 7011 and she can arrange a private inspection for you.

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