A bit of a trip …

I was fortunate to spend a few days, and nights, in Singapore a few weeks ago. This is one very impressive place indeed. The architecture is a mix of classical old style Malaysian as well as hyper modern, innovative and exciting. Hard to believe that Singapore was a very poor adjunct to Malaysia less than a lifetime ago. Now it is vibrant, clean, efficient, safe, exciting and very wealthy.

Marina Bay, Singapore

Hot and humid for sure, but that was something you could get used to.  I loved the place and could have stayed there for several more weeks!

Not the largest of countries, a mere 716 sq. km!  Even so, there’s lots to see and enjoy in this city both by day and by night.  Hopefully I’ll get to visit again before too long.  I’ll attach a few more photos to this post that may illustrate a slightly different architecture to that in the first image taken at Marina Bay.  Very colourful buildings, some quite ornate, but all featuring the modern Singapore in the background.

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