A few more Singapore sights …

Whilst in Singapore I was fortunate to spend some time in the Botanic Gardens. Quite a lovely place with many gorgeous blooms to enjoy. Besides the blooms there was, of course, a number of enthusiastic photographers keen to capture the flowers “on film”. With a common interest it was lovely to compare notes and share ideas. In fact, as a result of an earlier conversation one photographer took me to one side to show me the lizard you can see in the first image on this post. A monitor lizard with what look like very sharp claws!

Besides spending time in the gardens (I’ll post a few images if the flowers later all being well) I also managed a bit of time to walk around the city. One of these walks led me near some of the temples which are very ornate and beautifully presented. The people seemed more than happy for me to take photographs which surprised me as I’ve usually been encouraged to put my camera away. Anyway, below are a few images of some temples you might enjoy.

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