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First signs of autumn colour? Silver birch leaves in my front yard.

First signs of autumn colour?

A few delays this morning getting ready to start work. Looking out of the window I noticed several leaves starting to turn. Many trees near where I live are evergreen so I miss the overwhelming colour changes you see with large deciduous forests. The one leaf changing colour on my silver birch in the front yard doesn’t have the same effect! The car was all packed, so I used my old D300 for the shots you see in this post.

Silver Birch seeds.

Silver Birch seeds.

I can see the silver birch trees from my bedroom window and I keep an eye on them as the seasons change. At this time of year most of the “seed pods” have changed colour and are in the process of dispersing seeds all over the garden! The leaves will go more yellow and then fall to leave only the stark skeletal structure of the tree until next spring.

Silver Birch Seeds.  These things get EVERYWHERE!!

Silver Birch Seeds. These things get EVERYWHERE!!

I quite like this last shot … shallow depth of field and quite a pleasing bokeh. Hopefully you like the photos too.

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