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Having fun :-)

Up early again today trying to finish off a few jobs and also get better acquainted with the drone and the time-lapse and night-lapse features of the GoPro. It’s easy to set the GoPro to […]

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Yashili … early morning

Another early start this morning and down in Pokeno I was quite intrigued by the lights around the new Yashili New Zealand Dairy. I was supposed to be looking the other way for a sunrise, but […]

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A bit of a difference!

I had the opportunity to shoot yet another GORGEOUS home out at Beachlands last night and thought I’d see how the camera on my drone compared with my usual dSLR when the light levels decreased. […]

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60 seconds?

There’s two common questions I get asked. “What type of photography do you do?” and “What is your favourite type of photography?” To answer the first is probably easier to achieve by way of an […]

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I did suggest I’d post a few shots of the plants I saw at the Botanic Gardens in Singapore, and in many ways the main floral feature would be the orchids.  Having said that, the […]

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Nice reward.

I’d been admiring a hibiscus plant over the past few months. I suppose really because its flowers were so much more delicate that the larger more substantial blooms I have in my garden.  A delicate pink […]

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Compost heap kitten with a 50mm lens

You may recall me mentioning that the stray cat has returned to the compost heap to produce yet more kittens. This afternoon I tried to see where they were hiding. We’ll need to get them […]

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