Friendly folks …

I’ve already mentioned how much I enjoyed visiting Singapore, but one thing I forgot to mention is how friendly I found the people.  I visited a number of places, both tourist destinations and places off the usual tourist trails.  No matter where I went I met charming people happy to help with directions and more than happy to chat and make you feel welcome in their country.  There’s lots to see with respect to the scenery and sights, but there’s also a lot to see if you take time out to look and chat to the residents of Singapore.

I’ve three photos in this post.  A lady in a happy mood at the Botanic Gardens, a gent at work and another gentleman deep in thought at one of the temples.  The lady was more than happy to pose for me in the shot you see here.  I’m not sure if she though I was a famous photographer or something, but she seemed desperate to be in my photo.  The working man just wanted to get on with the task at hand but didn’t object to the camera pointing his way.  The man at the temple seemed deep in thought.  This must be my favourite shot of the three.  There’s something that appeals to me in this photograph of the elderly man.

Friendly lady at the Orchid Gardens

Hard at work in the midday heat.

In a contemplative mood

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