It had to happen!

Papatoetoe House For Sale!

I suppose it was inevitable really. When taking property photos there’s times when my current pole just isn’t long enough. Mind you, as I extend my pole with camera atop it can get a little scary when it’s breezy. I always wonder whether my insurance premiums are up to date! So far I’ve had no issues, but I always wonder when my fortunes might change.

So, with more height necessary the question was whether to get a longer physical pole or a virtual pole (as in a drone)? I opted for the virtual pole. This week I tried out my drone for the first time and the emotions were a mixture of fright and delight! Delight that I can get significantly higher than I ever could previously, fright when a flock of seagulls came to explore the drone whilst 30 metres in the air. There must have been about 20 seagulls circling the drone and squawking in a demented fashion at my new device. Needless to say, I landed as quickly as possible!

It seems quite straightforward to fly and provides a very different view of the world from just a few meters up. The shot in this post was taken from about 35 metres high. As you can see there’s heaps of space in the backyard … something awkward to portray from lower down. Oh, and the house is for sale! If you’re keen just contact Samsith Kim at Ray White on 021 126 9563.

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