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A big boat!

What a huge boat! 348m long, 48.9m at its widest with 18 decks and a maximum passenger capacity of 4905. This is a very large cruise ship. So large in fact that it was unable […]

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In the Hunuas

Well, what a treat! This is a really lovely part of the country with some gorgeous landscapes and views. There’s a section for sale and it was decided to take a look from this section, […]

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Houses for sale?

It’s been a pretty busy week this week taking photographs and videos of properties in and around South Auckland.  Usually on my blog I don’t post much about houses I shoot for real estate companies, but […]

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Out for a walk at the regional park I spotted a rather lovely looking bloom … is it a wildflower or an escaped exotic? I only had my 24-70mm lens with me … wifey not […]

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Panorama Photomerge at Waitawa

Well, what a wonderful day today to be out in the countryside … and what a glorious countryside to be in! South of Auckland, on the way to Kawakawa Bay, is a newish Regioanl Park […]

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Sensor cleaning time

Couldn’t help but notice a few spots appearing in my images that usually means some dirt on my sensor. Time to clean the sensor! I use the Visible Dust liquid and swabs and have been […]

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Focus Stacking

Something a little different to a landscape for today. Just outside my front door there’s this rather pretty vine, commonly known as a bleeding heart vine. The flowers are not huge, so I needed to […]

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Sunkist Bay

What an appropriate name for this wonderful beach here at Beachlands, Auckland, New Zealand.  Such a lovely peaceful place to take a stroll or just sit and watch the waves.  Surprisingly close to Auckland, yet […]

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Just a couple of shots …

Well, not much chance to get out and take photos today. I must have picked up a bug or something ‘cos I’ve been sneezing all day. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow as I have heaps […]

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Just for fun …

Back to Maraetai again today … wifey fancied a stroll along the water’s edge between Omana and Maraetai. There’s a lovely walkway called “Tracey’s Walk” from which there are some really gorgeous views. Needless to […]

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