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Friendly folks …

I’ve already mentioned how much I enjoyed visiting Singapore, but one thing I forgot to mention is how friendly I found the people.  I visited a number of places, both tourist destinations and places off […]

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Fond memories!

Becoming a bit of a distant memory now is the time I spent in Singapore a few weeks ago. I still have very fond memories of the time there and am very keen to visit […]

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I did suggest I’d post a few shots of the plants I saw at the Botanic Gardens in Singapore, and in many ways the main floral feature would be the orchids.  Having said that, the […]

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A few more Singapore sights …

Whilst in Singapore I was fortunate to spend some time in the Botanic Gardens. Quite a lovely place with many gorgeous blooms to enjoy. Besides the blooms there was, of course, a number of enthusiastic […]

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Shopping in Singapore …

No doubt about it, Singapore has some impressive shopping centres. Top brands offering their wares in air-conditioned facilities. With money to burn this is the place to visit! These malls will assist you to unload […]

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A bit of a trip …

I was fortunate to spend a few days, and nights, in Singapore a few weeks ago. This is one very impressive place indeed. The architecture is a mix of classical old style Malaysian as well […]

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