Up in the air!

Nathan Homestead, Hill Road, Manurewa

Rather a lovely day today here in Godzone and a chance to get out with the drone. It is becoming increasingly apparent that a common language and a predefined plan are essential to get reasonable footage when shooting video. Filling out the storyboards and planning the shots beforehand are not really optional.

I popped out to Barry Curtis Park first thing with my daughter just to play with the controls and get familiar with the responsiveness of the craft. It was a bit windy which didn’t help, but we had a heap of fun all the same. Later in the day a few shots up at Nathan Homestead with my son … but again pretty windy so we didn’t really get much time in the air. Just long enough to get a shot of the homestead.  Looking at some footage of a tree we realised just how windy it was that little bit higher off the ground.  Nevertheless the gimbal provided pretty good stable images which was impressive.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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