In the backyard

Quite a pleasant day today with quite a few insects enjoying the nectar on garden flowers. The photo above is of a Hoverfly I hadn’t noticed before. This particular fly seems more black and white that the usual yellow and white varieties I usually see. Shot with a reversed 50mm lens and using a diffused snoot to get some extra light onto the creature. With the lens reversed the viewfinder is very dark, so quite a challenge focussing!

I’ll post a few photos of the wee beasties below. The first two photos below are taken with a reversed 50mm lens and a speedlight to get a bit of extra light. If you can identify any of them please leave the details in the comments. I’ve just called them “small hoverfly”, “thin hoverfly” and “Coming in for the nectar”.

Small Hoverfly
Thin Hoverfly
Coming in for the nectar

This last photo was taken with a 28mm lens and then cropped to get in close. I must admit to being very impressed with this lens. It’s a manual focus Nikkor 28mm f2.8 ais I found on eBay and it’s become a firm favourite.

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