Just a bit lucky

I’d been intrigued by the cactus blooms at the Botanic Gardens. Gorgeous flowers, but so short lived; many of the blooms just lasting a single day. Setting up the camera to try some photos of this rather lovely flower I heard some buzzing to camera left. I hadn’t finished setting exposure or focus but when I saw where the bee was I thought I’d try a shot or two. The first image shows the bee coming in for a landing on what must be a feast of nectar and pollen. The second shot provides a view similar to that the bee must have as it approaches the flower. ¬†Look to the top left flower in the image and you’ll see yet another bee heading in for a feed. ¬†Quite a popular plant for the bees it would appear!

bee-cactus-cropped copy
20150104_081335 copy

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