Hello and welcome.  Christopher John is a freelance photographer who has been taking photographs for over thirty years.  Starting with a half-frame Konica camera back in the late 1960s using Kodachrome slide film everything was a potential subject to be photographed. Processed films would be returned from Kodak and promptly projected onto a large screen in the family’s living room.  There was no twiddling with software to correct or modify the image; everything was done in camera with the captured image being the one on display.

Whilst studying Mathematics at Warwick University Christopher took full advantage of the University’s darkrooms to process black and white film exposed in his trusty Pentax MX camera. Christopher still has his old Pentax, purchased in downtown Amman, Jordan back in 1979. However, he now prefers to use Nikon digital SLRs and use a computer to create his images rather than film and the darkroom.

Landscape photography as well as capturing musicians performing live have a special appeal presently, but that doesn’t stop Christopher from taking up the challenge of new subject matter.  Moving away from film to digital has allowed Christopher to continue to explore his love of black and white imagery but also to investigate new opportunities, such as HDR and focus stacking that the digital medium provides. Using digital equipment with a range of focal lengths provides more opportunities that those of the old Konica camera, but Christopher still employs the old strategies of getting the image correct in camera rather than relying on post production work.

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