Shopping in Singapore …

No doubt about it, Singapore has some impressive shopping centres. Top brands offering their wares in air-conditioned facilities. With money to burn this is the place to visit! These malls will assist you to unload your excess wealth in an environment that is very comfortable with staff that are eager to assist you in your spending endeavours! But what about the less wealthy? If you get the chance, take a bit of time to walk around the town and see what other things are on offer. I must admit, that the $2 shop was not what I was expecting in Singapore at all … especially not with $1 specials!

The equivalent of our “Mr Minit” shoe repair seems to exist. Whilst not being indoors, this business did offer shade for the customers as well as a chair. Something our local establishments may like to consider.

This shop amused me as it was most definitely a different bakery to any of the other bakeries I’ve seen. I couldn’t decide if they’d just not changed the name from the previous store owner or if this was a new marketing strategy.

Not all shops are in malls and many “outdoor market” type streets are available where you can pick up some great bargains. Here’s a shot of one such street.

Same as back here in NZ. Shopping is a tiring business and thankfully there’s places to snooze outside many of the shops. The thing is, you felt safe here.

As I mentioned before. I really like Singapore. There’s so much to see and experience here. Hopefully the few photos above may put a smile on your face and show you something a little different to the usual Singapore photos.

A bit of a trip …

I was fortunate to spend a few days, and nights, in Singapore a few weeks ago. This is one very impressive place indeed. The architecture is a mix of classical old style Malaysian as well as hyper modern, innovative and exciting. Hard to believe that Singapore was a very poor adjunct to Malaysia less than a lifetime ago. Now it is vibrant, clean, efficient, safe, exciting and very wealthy.

Marina Bay, Singapore

Hot and humid for sure, but that was something you could get used to.  I loved the place and could have stayed there for several more weeks!

Not the largest of countries, a mere 716 sq. km!  Even so, there’s lots to see and enjoy in this city both by day and by night.  Hopefully I’ll get to visit again before too long.  I’ll attach a few more photos to this post that may illustrate a slightly different architecture to that in the first image taken at Marina Bay.  Very colourful buildings, some quite ornate, but all featuring the modern Singapore in the background.