I recall hearing from the experts that this year the cicada numbers are quite low. Certainly that familiar cicada noise did seem absent for some time, but not now. We seem to have plenty of the wee creatures around in our garden … and on the washing I might add. Anyway, whilst out in the garden thinking how dry it is and how the leaves seem to be changing colour … hopefully because of the heat rather than the approach of winter … I couldn’t help but notice several of the cicada skins on my silver birch trees. It always amazes me how much detail of the creature remains and how little of the old skin is damaged as the creature emerges. Looking at the photos below you’ll see its claws, hairs etc. etc. Quite amazing.  Oh, click on the i age to get an enlarged view 🙂

20150222_172526 copy

20150222_172705 copy

20150222_172936 copy

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