Having fun :-)

Up early again today trying to finish off a few jobs and also get better acquainted with the drone and the time-lapse and night-lapse features of the GoPro. It’s easy to set the GoPro to do the job, but what intervals get the best results AND how long does the battery last! Oh well, all good fun.  One ideas was to capture a sunrise over a rather lovely valley.  Problem was the weather … or the temperature … or maybe it’s just the wrong time of year!  All I got was rolling mist and clouds!  Sure it’s reasonably pretty, but not what I was looking for!  Thankfully I’d made some tea to keep me warm and some spare shoes in case I got wet.  I got soaked and really should have brought extras pants as well as socks and shoes.

Early morning with the moon the dominant feature in the sky.

On the way home I tried out the drone again. This is a wonderful device and great fun to operate. I’m only just starting, so need a lot more time in the air practising manoeuvres and also operating the camera. Thankfully there’s a very useful return to home feature that brings the drone back to you if you get a little confused or concerned. Mind you, this only works if you set it correctly before starting your flight. There’s quite a few stories of “fly aways”, crashes and issues with batteries that I must admit to being hyper cautious when out flying. The next image is one from the drone taken on my may home this morning. The river is the Waikato River. Click on the image and you should get an enlarged view.

A drone shot over the Waikato River close to Tuakau.

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