What a relief!!

St Pauls Anglican Church, 141 Chapel Road, Flat Bush

I think it started on the 22nd June … hard to say, but I think that was the day. For some bizarre reason, every time I tried to use my Nik Plugins for Photoshop to edit my photos, Photoshop would crash. Talk about stressful! I’ve spent quite some time creating a range of filters and techniques that have now become a significant part of my image processing workflow. Then, on the 22nd June, it all started going wrong. I could open Photoshop, edit and save a file, but any subsequent image I tried to edit would cause Photoshop to crash. I had to open and close Photoshop for each image I wanted to edit and, as you can imagine, this was taking forever. I was at a loss as to what could be wrong. I checked online and found little to help. I suppose, as a last resort, not expecting much in the way of a response, I contacted Google and told them of my problems. They were wonderful! I received a quick response and then had regular communication with them as they endeavoured to identify and then resolve the problem. As you can guess by the title of the post, they managed to fix the issue and I’m now able to return to my usual workflow. So, a big thanks to the Nik Software Suite support team!!

Interestingly, I downloaded a trial version of the latest version of Photoshop hoping this would resolve the issue. No such luck. A crash report was generated and I was asked if I wanted to send this to Adobe. They wanted an email address so they could get back to me. I was very hopeful thinking they’d be keen to impress me with their support with which they’d encourage me to subscribe to the latest version. I’m sorry to say I’m still waiting for a reply. Google responded within 24 hours 🙂

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