Nice reward.

I’d been admiring a hibiscus plant over the past few months. I suppose really because its flowers were so much more delicate that the larger more substantial blooms I have in my garden.  A delicate pink with such a dainty flower.  Anyway, after admiring the plant for some time I was given the opportunity to take a cutting.  Just the one small cutting, placed in a jam jar with water and left on my studio windowsill to see if I could encourage some roots to grow.  To my delight, grow they did and once they seemed large enough the new plant was transferred to a small plant pot and left to develop further on the windowsill.

20150221_125710 copyThese past few days have been pretty busy for me and I must admit that it was only today that I noticed the plant.  What a wonderful surprise to see my new plant in flower!  I couldn’t resist and had to take a photo to show you.  Click on the image and you’ll be able to see a larger version of the shot.  Do you like?

The photograph was taken with a single flash with a snoot attached to camera left.  The idea was to keep the background quite dark, but give sufficient light on the flower such that I could use a small aperture.  I wanted to get as much of the stamen in focus as I could, so the lens was closed down quite a bit.  For the technical amongst you, ISO100, 1/200s, f29, 105mm lens.


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